Best HP laptops 2019: the top HP laptops we’ve seen and tested

HP has been hard at work rebuilding its reputation over the last few years – primarily through the best HP laptops. These mobile beauties, thought to be dead just a few years ago, have been reborn through the magic of Windows 10and the best Ultrabooks. HP’s best laptops have morphed into devices that focus on design flair, rather than cheapness.

This has led HP to craft some of the most gorgeous laptops on the market, like the HP Spectre x360, with its gold trim and high-resolution displays. And, in 2019, it doesn’t look like HP is going to slow down any time soon.

This resurgence of the best HP laptops has brought the popular ‘privacy filter,’ called Sure View to prominence. Plus, these new HP laptops are bedecked with a beautiful gold trim that we’re used to seeing in HP’s high-end Spectre 2-in-1s and Ultrabooks.

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