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 TypeModel numberPrinter PricesNew toner prices (extra) 
1Laser printers    
 Laser black Hp m15a145001500 
 Laser black Hp m15w190001500 
 Laser black Hp m12a165001500 
 Laser black Hp m12w190001500 
 Laser black Hp mfp m28a200001500 
 Laser black Hp mfp m28wn.a1500 
 Laser black Hp mfp m26a235001500 
 Laser black Hp mfp m26nw320001500 
 Laser black Hp m203dn300001500 
 Laser black Hp m203dw350001500 
 Laser black Hp m227sdn01500 
 Laser black Hp m227fdw01500 
 laser colorHp 402n295001800 
 Laser black Hp 402d320001800 
 Laser black Hp 402dn410001800 
 Laser black Hp 404dn350003500 
 Laser black Hp 404dw395003500 
 Laser black Hp 426fdw880001800 
2Laser color printers    
 Laser colorHp 254nw3500015000 
 Laser colorHp 254dw4100015000 
 Laser colorHp 452nw7500015000 
 Laser colorHp 452dw 15000 
 Laser color multifunctionhp 181fw6300015000 
 Laser color multifunctionhp 281fdw7900015000 
3Inkjet printers    
 Hp inkjet printer mfp21306200  
 Hp inkjet printer mfp262010200  
4Inktank printers    
 Epson inktank mfp 4 color3110265005500 and 1000 set100 ml original and compatible
 Epson inktank mfp with wifi 4 color3150345005500 and 1000 set100 ml original and compatible
 Epson 6 color photo printer A4 sizeL805500009000 and 1500 set100 ml original and compatible
 Epson 6 color photo printer A3 sizeL18001060009000 and 1500 set100 ml original and compatible
5Dotmatrix printer    
 Epson Dotmatrix printerLQ 35034000600 
 Epson Dotmatrix printerLQ 21901280002300 
6Used laser printers    
 Used laser printer black102080001500 
 Used laser printer black110290001500 
 Used laser printer black1102100001500 
 Used laser printer black132090001500 
 Used laser printer black201590001500 
 Used laser printer black2035100001500 
 Used laser printer black2055120001500 
 Used laser printer black401dw140001500 
 Used laser printer black402200001800 
 Used Laser black multifunction3052150001500 
 Used Laser black multifunction3055150001500 
 Used Laser black multifunction1522130001500 
 Used Laser black multifunction125140001500 
 Used Laser black multifunction1212180001500 
 Used Laser black multifunction127fn210001500 
 Used Laser black multifunction130nw160001500 
 Used Laser black multifunction130fw200001500 
 Used Laser black multifunction2727160001500 
 Used Laser black multifunction3390160001500 
 Used Laser black multifunction3035 A4200004500 
 Used Laser black multifunction3035 LEGAL300004500 
1Laser printers
2Laser color printers
3Inkjet printers
4Inktank printers
5Dotmatrix printer
6Used laser printers
 w= wifi=mobile
 n= network printer
 d= duplex
 f= fax
 mfp= multifunction (printer+scanner+copier)